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I’m going to be a grandma again! This will be my third grandchild and I’m so very excited! Brooke would not let me find out the sex of the baby until I took the picture…She wanted us both to be surprised! That was all great and fine but it made me all shaky and emotional so being behind the camera was a bit hard for me! It’s a boy. I can not wait to meet the little one! Makayla was super thrilled it was a boy and when they realized there was paint left decided the best thing to do was to not waste it and see how blue they could make each other! It was a smurf kind of day. Jewels Photography gender reveal Jewels Photography Its a boy

Such a beautiful mom and dad to be right here. We walked all over Ripon and Brooke just glowed! It is so fun to see the excitement and love of couples that are about to have their first child. Brings smiles to my heart and makes me think back on the times I was pregnant and just how amazing it is to have life stirring inside of you. Such a beautiful gift!

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