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Engaged and Happy!

February 9, 2017

Such a fun and down to earth couple. Loved capturing their love and spunk during their session. 2016-12-19_00032016-12-15_00012016-12-19_00012016-12-19_0004

Joey and Melissa-

July 3, 2015

Love is in the air and so totally captivating.


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Mother Nature-

August 20, 2014

Brooke is now going to beauty school and they did a day where everyone had to make themselves up as someone…She was Mother Nature…I love the colors and how awesome she looked…I’m so happy that she is happy and doing something that she loves. I also love that I have someone that can do my hair all the time! That is a big extra bonus! 

Mother Nature

Waiting on baby brother-

August 16, 2014

Jeff and Lauren lost a baby boy at full term a year ago. It was so very sad and so hard to understand. I myself lost a baby boy when I was six months pregnant and it was so difficult and at times still is..You always wonder what it would have been like and how old he would be. Time is a great healer though and you learn to not let it consume you. This was a wonderful session and I was honored to be asked to photograph it for them. They now have a beautiful healthy baby boy at home! Maternity photography 2 3 4

Such a cutie this little one! I started photographing this family when Michael was a newborn and I fell in love with his mother! She is just the sweetest lady ever! Then I met the whole family and fell in love with all of them! Great wonderful people and this little guy smiles so easy!

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Peter Rabbit-

April 11, 2014

This little guy is a total cutie. In love with his curls, his big blue eyes and his smile. He did not want to sit and pose for pictures so we let him do his thing and got a few of him sitting here and there…Boys are so full of life and energy at this age…childrens photographer Easter Photography kids photographer modesto photographer ripon photographer

Twirls and Giggles-

April 10, 2014

I was thrilled to photograph these sweet girls again. I loved their little dresses…So fun to be a young girl and have so much fun just twirling around in your beautiful dress! Kids teach us so much if we just watch and listen to them. How to have fun, how to be full of life and how to just be yourself.

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Such a fun couple! I loved our session. Always nice to be able to talk about God to someone while you are walking from spot to spot. Makes you feel so inspired and uplifted. Such a blessing to have such great clients. #jewelsphotography #maternity photographers #ripon photographers

Today is my mother in laws birthday. She is no longer with us but she will always live in our hearts…She was such a wonderful woman. A woman of strength, kindness, compassion and love. I did not speak spanish and her english was very little but we spoke to each other with our hearts. I look back now and wish I had not always been so rushed, so short with her at times…..Things we always think after we lose someone that we love. We wish we had spent more time with them, said nicer things, really valued who they were to us but often times we get so busy in our own little world that we forget that they will not always be there and then we live in regret after they are gone….I do not want to live that way anymore… I want to love those in my life with all that I have and I want them to know how much they are cherished and what an impact they have had on me as a person. There are just those certain people that just leave you better than when they found you and she was one of those people in my life….I say mother in law but she was not just that to me, she was my second momma and a HUGE part of my life for 22 years…She never judged me, always accepted me and did so much for me…She raised her son to be the man he is today….The husband, the father and the friend that so many people love and respect. He is my life and my world and he is in so many ways like his mother….Thank you Momma for being you and for always loving me even when I did not deserve that love. I honor your birthday today because I honor you…Love you always.

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This is my middle daughter Brooke…She hates to have pictures taken but she asked if we could take of course,  I was more than willing to get her in front of my lens…I love this girl. She is stubborn as they come and we butt heads more than anyone…We are friends and I’m very proud of the woman she is…Modesto girls with tattoos photographerripon photographerFresno senior photographer