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Mother Nature-

August 20, 2014

Brooke is now going to beauty school and they did a day where everyone had to make themselves up as someone…She was Mother Nature…I love the colors and how awesome she looked…I’m so happy that she is happy and doing something that she loves. I also love that I have someone that can do my hair all the time! That is a big extra bonus! 

Mother Nature

Waiting on baby brother-

August 16, 2014

Jeff and Lauren lost a baby boy at full term a year ago. It was so very sad and so hard to understand. I myself lost a baby boy when I was six months pregnant and it was so difficult and at times still is..You always wonder what it would have been like and how old he would be. Time is a great healer though and you learn to not let it consume you. This was a wonderful session and I was honored to be asked to photograph it for them. They now have a beautiful healthy baby boy at home! Maternity photography 2 3 4

Chloe the Princess-

August 15, 2014

I have wanted a cat now for 23 years. My husband is not a cat person. He hates them actually. I had one as a child and loved him so much…Even after he played with my hamster while I was at the movies and ended up killing it. That was hard! So, my husband finally said I could get a cat. We found two and the first lady flaked on us, then the second lady flaked on us and by that time my son and I were both heartbroken….I found this guy on craigs list that had found a kitty that he had to get rid of because he was allergic….I went to pick her up and it was love at first sight. She is so AWESOME. I adore her! Chloe is the princess in our house and is spoiled as much as my kids if not more..My husband even actually likes her now too. She is beautiful. Cats have such great personalities. I could take pictures of her all day while she sleeps…Chloe the Princess

Beauty in the water-

August 15, 2014

It was so hot out as we were walking to find a great spot to shoot at and we found water. Wonderful cold water. Felt so good to cool off! Sarah is awesome. She is beautiful, fun and always happy!  blog sarah water