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This is my middle daughter Brooke…She hates to have pictures taken but she asked if we could take of course,  I was more than willing to get her in front of my lens…I love this girl. She is stubborn as they come and we butt heads more than anyone…We are friends and I’m very proud of the woman she is…Modesto girls with tattoos photographerripon photographerFresno senior photographer

Snow White in front of my camera! I loved Snow White as a little girl and today I still do. She is so pure and so radiant. Britt portrayed her so well in these photographs. 1 2 3 5 6 7

To be young and beautiful and so full of life! Love photographing Madison. She is just so fun and so not held back by what anyone says or thinks. The camera loves her and it shows. I always wanted to be that girl that never held back and did not care or worry about the views of other people…I’m still working on that today….Enjoy you! Be you! Life is to short to worry about pleasing people! Please God and everything else will take care of itself!



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