A girl and her dog-

Taylor showed up to her shoot with no makeup, her soccer clothes and her dog…She was beautiful. Natural. Lovely. Sweet. Kind. Fun and totally in LOVE with her dog….She has a bright future ahead of her and I wish her all the best!!

dog love dresses girls jersey kisses soccor three

Color me happy-

Such a beautiful girl. To be young again. Love the mint color that has become so popular! It photographs so pretty! It’s always so fun to photograph a teen for me… The fun they have and getting them to really let loose and be themselves more. That makes me smile. That makes me happy. Cynthia is gorgeous and has such a bright future ahead of her!

Senior photography jump nature ripon senior girl vintage

Lovely Girl~

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” 
 Arthur O’ Shaughnessy~