My Muse

Grace was over and I asked her to go take a few pictures and she told me that she didn’t feel like it. I told her there would be a hat and so she agreed and then she had fun. Bribing her with candy is awesome. When she turns 16 she is probably going to want a car or an island somewhere far away from my camera.


I use to take newborn pictures but I stopped doing that but when the family has a baby you go ahead and take some pictures of the beautiful little girl.


I have been antsy since we have all been told to stay inside as much as we can right now. I was watching Grace so I talked her into going to take a few pictures to get my artistic fever quenched! She is such the perfect MUSE!


little red in the cold!

Such a cutie but she was so cold and I could not get her to stay still at all. Got some cute ones though. Toddlers kind of make all the rules when you photograph them and there is no compromising.