I have been antsy since we have all been told to stay inside as much as we can right now. I was watching Grace so I talked her into going to take a few pictures to get my artistic fever quenched! She is such the perfect MUSE!


little red in the cold!

Such a cutie but she was so cold and I could not get her to stay still at all. Got some cute ones though. Toddlers kind of make all the rules when you photograph them and there is no compromising.


Grace makes me melt whenever I start editing her pictures. Her soul just comes through in such a mesmerizing way. Such beauty and innocence that it confounds my mind and captivates my very soul to its inner core.



Grace my MUSE

I’m totally in awe of her beauty every day. She reminds me so much of her momma at her age and memories just flood in and have me in tears. She’s captivating and funny and KIND. Love my LOLLY pop.

Kayden James

My grandson is growing up so fast! He’s playing football now for the Broncos and he is in the fourth grade and I just can’t believe how time really does fly!