Danny & Simone-JewelsPhotography-Ripon Photography

Danny and Simone….Super cute….Super fun….Great light, amazing colors…This is what I adore doing…Shooting young love and old love…Love that you can see in a picture…Love that fills a heart and is evident in the eyes….Eyes really are the window to the soul….If you look long enough, you can see so much more than you can imagine!

Young Love~

There are those certain voices,

that are music to the ear.

Such a verbal warm embrace,

the heart has longed to hear.

With every word that’s spoken,

their face comes to my mind.

The voice my soul rejoices,

the face I look to find.

Author: Julie Quick


My favorite couple is back on the blog. Oh how I adore them. They just melt me! The way the are with one another , the love that is written upon their face, and comes from their hearts!

“With you in my life I am blessed.”

Elegant Beauty, Mixed with Beautiful Love~

A friend asked me to take pictures of his parents while they were here visiting from the Philippines, I was excited to not only meet them, but to capture a little part of them, that they would treasure. They were such a sweet nice couple, who made me feel right at ease the moment they stepped out of their car. I hope you can see a little of that love here in this sneak peek. Thank you Jon for asking me to take their photos! I had a wonderful time, and feel blessed to have met them. You have great parents, and that shows in the person that you are!