Snow trip

We took the kids to the snow but there was hardly any this year! They still had fun and I got to play with my camera so it was a win-win kinda day.


Went to Sacramento to stay in a hotel with my husband so I could take him to the airport early the next morning for his work trip to Wisconsin. He took me to dinner at The Cheese Cake Factory for my early birthday dinner since he won’t be here to celebrate with me! This will be the first birthday in 28 years that we will not be together the day of. I miss him already and just dropped him off this morning. I got out and took some pictures while I was there because I carry my camera EVERYWHERE. It is literally a part of my soul.



We said our last goodbyes today and it was hard. It was cold and gloomy which was fitting for all of our moods. Seeing that casket lowered into the ground and looking at his kids crying was horrible. Life is amazing but its so darn hard and so sad at times. I do not think my heart can handle anymore. LOVED this guy so much and will miss him always.




Life through my eyes on days that I feel like I just can’t take another step. I walk and walk some more.


Nature is BEAUTIFUL!

If it was not for being able to take my camera on walks and photograph nature I would be totally insane! Lets not forget coffee and wine too! All those help me find my happy place! I want to photograph life and cities and people!!